4th Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Charter Date
Unity Masonic Temple
RIII Zambales

Unity Lodge No. 285

The Name

            Unity, a word that clearly expresses brotherhood among men, is an expression of a dream made possible by brethren of Zambales in forming another lodge in the heart of Olongapo City.

The Lodge

            This lodge was organized by forty-three (43) Master Masons who were members of Lincoln Lodge No. 34, Pinatubo Lodge No. 52, Zambales Lodge No. 103, Bataan Lodge No. 104 and other lodges. On August 13, 1988, Grand Master Raymundo N. Beltran granted them a dispensation to organize a lodge in Olongapo City to be named Unity lodge. The following month, on September
7, 1988, MW Beltran formally instituted the lodge.

            At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge held in April 1989. The Committee on Charters reported that since its institution Unity Lodge had held twenty-four meetings, initiated six petitioners, and passed and raised four brothers. Based on the favorable recommendation of the Committee, the Grand
Lodge granted Unity Lodge a charter and assigned to it number 285.

            Unity Lodge was duly constituted and its officers installed on August 18, 1989 by Grand Master Juan C. Nabong, Jr. with the help of other Grand Lodge officers. Its charter officers were: WB's Thuborn Telan, Worshipful Master; Isidoro C. Biag, Jr., Senior Warden; and Jaime A Quevedo, Junior Warden.

            Location: W.B.B., Olongapo City