Southern Cross Lodge No. 6

The Name

                Southern Cross Lodge was named after a small but prominent constellation in the southern sky, visible in this latitude part of the year. The four brightest stars in the constellation form a cross that points directly to the South celestial pole.

The Lodge

                Members of the Masonic Sojourners Association in Manila and this on October 5, 1915. It was composed of prominent Americans not affiliated of the local lodges. Its Master under dispersion was Newton W. Gilbert, at one time the Acting Governor General of the Philippines, and among in charter member were Supreme Court Justice F. Finley Johnson, Judge Amasa Crossfield, historian Austin Craig, Director of Education Luther Bewley printing executive Frederic H. Stevens and E. C. McCullough, the first man in the Philippines to receive the 4th to the 32nd degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite under the Southern Jurisdiction. The lodge received it charter in February 8, 1915, and was constituted on February 28 at the Mason Temple along San Luis Street.

                For over a decade Southern Cross Lodge was one of the leading lodges in Manila, but the economic downturn in the 30's severely affected its viability. In 1933, Grand Master Stanton Youngberg observed that the economic collapse had adversely affected a large number of lodges. Many of these lodges, he said. In addition to their indebtedness to the Grand Lodge, owe considerable sums for rent and other miscellaneous items. Their membership is small, the lodge treasures empty, and as a result they cannot take proper care of their distressed members, widows and orphans. He suggested that, “In centers where there are several lodges or in those sections where lodges are situated within a short distance of each other it would be preferable if two or more weak lodges should consolidate to form a strong and active unit.

                 Following the suggestion of MW Youngberg. Southern Cross Lodge merged with Corregidor Lodge No. 3. Southern Cross Lodge was still strong but the numbers realized that the source of membership of their lodge was the same as that of Corregidor Lodge, hence it would be to the benefit of both lodges if they merged. Southern Cross voted to merge on October 14, 1935. Corregidor gave its nod on December 12, 1935 and the Grand Lodge stamped its approval in January 1936. Three years later another consolidation had to be made, this time with Benjamin Franklin Lodge No. 94. The time of Benjamin Franklin Lodge disappeared in the merger as the lodge retained the name Corregidor-Southern Cross No. 3 In 1975. Corregidor Southern Cross No. 3 again run into difficulties, so it consolidated with another weak lodge, St John's Lodge No. 9 for the mutual benefit of the two lodges. This time the name Southern Cross was dropped the merged lodge took the name St John's Corregidor No. 3.