1st Saturday at 2:30 PM
Charter Date
The United Methodist Church
RII Cagayan

Sanchez Mira (Callo) Lodge No. 233

The Name
            This lodge is named after the town of Sanchez Mira in Cagayan, where it located. Sanchez Mira used to be a hunting ground called Malolokit of Kalinga. When the Spanish friars came it became barrio Malolokit of Pamplona
            On August 20, 1894, it was converted into a town and renamed Sanchez Mira in honor of Manuel Sanchez Mira, a Spanish Brigadier General assigned in the Cagayan Valley.

The Lodge

            In 1979, it was a nightmare for Masons who were residing in the town of Sanchez Mira, Cagayan to attend to their Masonic duties. Travel to the nearest lodge, which was located in Aparri, took almost one whole day because the bridges across the major waterways had not yet been constructed. To solve the problem, WB Nepomuceno S. Callo conceived the idea of founding a lodge in the town. He convinced thirty-two other Masons to make common cause with him and then prepared all the papers needed for a dispensation. On February 6, 1979, the thirty-three founders were rewarded with a dispensation issued by Grand Master Desiderio Dalisay Sr. Some of the founders were WB Nepomuceno S. Callo, Wilfredo S. Bagasao, Bienvenido A. Cacatian, Isidro A. Acang, Rogelio Q. Lim, Irineo B. Bagasin, Mamerto T. Pacris, Romarico Cabuyadao, Herman C. Asanias, Cesar I. Agnir, Romarico Agbisit, Fernando Pascua, Dulsicimo Tiu, Leandro Resurreccion, Gabriel Arce, Hiram Kalata, Manuel Littaua, Gavino Say, Victorino Uy, Calixto Aquino and Julio Laceda.

            The founders went to work immediately. Before the annual communication of the Grand Lodge took place 4 in April 1979 they were able to hold two meetings, initiate two candidates and act on six petitions for degrees. They held their meetings at the Thoburn Memorial Academy; however, WB Callo promised to donate a 500 sq. m. lot for the Temple of the lodge.

            At the annual communication the Grand Lodge granted a permanent charter to the lodge and assigned to it number 233. On August 10, 1979, the Grand Lodge constituted Sanchez Mira Lodge No. 233. On the same day the cornerstone of the temple of the lodge was laid and its officers were installed. They were: Nepomuceno S. Callo, Worshipful Master ; Herman C. Asanias, Senior Warden; Wilfredo S. Bagasao, Junior Warden: Rogelio Q. Lim, Treasurer and Bienvenido A. Cacatian, Secretary.

            In its early years, the growth of the lodge was stunted because of the untimely death of some of its members, namely: Rogelio Q. Lim, Felino Barrientos, Damaso Dumlao and Francisco Siazon. Membership was also depleted by the immigration to the United States of Nepomuceno S Callo, Wilfredo S. Bagasao, Proceso Macabugao, Jesus Raralio, and Simplicio Granado. Nonetheless, the lodge still
has more than twenty active members.
            Recently the founder, WB Callo, passed to the lodge on high. To honor him the members passed a resolution renaming their lodge to Sanchez Mira- Nepomuceno S. Callo Lodge No 233.


            Location: Sanchez Mira, Cagayan