1st Saturday at 6:00 PM
Charter Date
Davao Masonic Center
RXI Davao Del Sur and Davao City
Davao Del Sur

Podomo Lodge No. 294

The Name

            The term "podomo" is the Bagobo word for "memorial".

The Lodge

            The impressive growth of both the population and Freemasonry in Davao City awakened in 1990 a desire among the brethren at establish another lodge in the City. Looking back, they noted that the last lodge that was organized in Davao was Beacon Lodge No. 213 which was established in 1975 or fifteen
years before. Having thus decided that another lodge was necessary, they next chose a name for the lodge. The proponents felt there was a need to honor the memory of the pioneer Masons of Davao who blazed the trail of Masonry in that burgeoning city and who withstood ostracism and persecution for their
beliefs. Pioneers such as Governor Celestino Chavez, Judge Juan Sarenas, Mayor Leon Garcia, Sr., Pantaleon Pelayo, Sr., Jose Nicolas, Roman Tesoro, Rafael Castillo, Eugenio de Jesus, Bruno Gempesaw and many others had to be immortalized. Unable to decide who among them should be singled out for the honor, the founders selected "Podomo," the Bagobo word for memorial, which
would represent them all.

            On May 16, 1990, Grand Master John L. Choa issued a dispensation to the 53 founders authorizing them to congregate as a lodge in Davao City and named VW Benjamin S. Geli to be the first Master, Bro. Oscar M. Escudero, to be the first Senior Warden, and Reynaldo I. Reyes, to be the first Junior Warden, of the new lodge. The new lodge was favorably endorsed by DDGM Romeo A. Yu, Beacon Lodge No. 213, Sarangani Lodge No. 50, Davao Lodge No. 49, Toril Lodge No 208 and Datu Bago Lodge No. 196.

            During the annual communication of the Grand Lodge that was held in April 1991, the Committee on Charters recommended that Podomo Lodge be granted a charter. The Committee noted that the officers of the lodge were very proficient and that the lodge was financially sound. The Committee also
reported that the lodge was involved in many civic, religious, and Masonic activities in the District and was actively participating in the multifarious activities of the other lodges. Based on the recommendation of the Committee, the Grand Lodge granted the lodge a charter and assigned to it number 295.


            On June 28, 1991, Grand Master Jose Reyes Guerrero opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge at the Davao Masonic Center on V. Mapa Street, Davao City and, with the assistance of the other Grand Lodge officers present, constituted Podomo Lodge No. 294. The installation of officers
immediately followed, after which speeches were delivered by the newly installed Master and the Grand Master.


            Location: Davao City