1st Saturday at 8:30 AM
Charter Date
Panabo-Dalisay Masonic Temple
RXI Davao Del Norte and Davao Oriental
Misamis Oriental

Panabo Dalisay Lodge No. 237

The Name

            "Panabo" stands for the town of Panabo in Davao del Norte, while "Dalisay" is the name of a noted Masonic personality. Panabo comes from the word "tabo" meaning market. It also means dipper.

The Lodge
            The members of Tagum Lodge No. 204 who desired to commemorate both the town and an illustrious brother whose roots were from Panabo conceptualized the formation of Panabo-Dalisay Lodge. On June 27,1978 the dispensation for the formal organization of the lodge was issued by Grand Master Desiderio Dalisay, Sr. who named Sergio F. Dalisay as its first Worshipful Master.


            At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in April 1979, the Committee on Charters reported that the lodge failed to submit the reports that were needed for making an evaluation of its performance. The Master of the lodge, however, assured the Committee that their reports had been mailed via parcel post several weeks earlier. Besides, Grand Master Dalisay personally assured the Grand Lodge of the great potential and firm position of the lodge. He also disclosed that he was a donating a building and a lot for the lodge. Based on these assurances, the Grand Lodge granted a charter to Panabo-Dalisay Lodge and assigned to it number 237.

            On October 13, 1980 a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge was opened in the town of Panabo, Davao del Norte for the constitution of Panabo- Dalisay Lodge No. 237. On the same day the first set of charter officers of the lodge was installed

            Like most lodges, Panabo-Dalisay Lodge encountered birth pains and sailed on stormy waters, especially when fire gutted its lodge hall in 1990, a day after the stated meeting of the lodge, fully consuming its charter, furniture and other Masonic paraphernalia which compelled the members to hold their subsequent meetings elsewhere.

            But the brethren were undaunted they still dream of someday seeing a temple rise on the National Highway at outskirts of Panobo Proper.

            Location: Panabo, Davao del Norte