3rd Friday at 5:30 PM
Charter Date

Ormoc Lodge No. 234

The Name

            Named after the City of Ormoc. Ormoc used to be known as "Ugmok." "Ugmuk" or "Ogmuc," meaning, "lowland" or "plain." On November 7, 1991 tragedy struck in this city. A typhoon ravaged and severely damaged the mountainside sweeping away more than 7,000 of its people to the raging sea.
The next day, dead bodies littered the pristine beaches that took about a full week to collect and bury.


The Lodge

            The creation of this lodge was formally conceived by thirty Master Masons who petitioned the Grand Lodge to organize a lodge in Ormoc City and who were given a dispensation by Grand Master Desiderio Dalisay Sr. on February 9, 1979. On April 27, 1979, the Grand Lodge, after satisfying itself that the lodge had complied with all requirements, granted it a charter and assigned number 234 to it.
            On August 17, 1979 a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge was opened in Ormoc City for the purpose of constituting Ormoc Lodge Number 234 and installing its officers. Installed were: WB Salvador Santiago, Worshipful Master: Bro. Roberto Serafica, Senior Warden; and Bro. Luis Fran, Junior
Warden. Msgr. Sincero Lucero, Bishop of Borongan, Samar was its guest speaker be occasion.

            Location: Ormoc City