2nd Saturday at 2:30 PM
Charter Date
Iloilo Masonic Center
RVI Panay Island

MW Ricardo P. Galvez Sr. Lodge No. 229 (formerly known as Tigbauan Lodge) 

The Name

            Named after the town of Tigbauan in Iloilo. Tigbauan means a place where the tigbao, an Ilongo word for a tall grass which looks like a sugar cane, abounds.

The Lodge
            On July 25, 1978 twenty-five Master Masons in good standing filed a petition with the Grand Lodge praying for the issuance of a dispensation authorizing them to form a lodge in Tigbauan, Iloilo to be named Tigbauan Lodge. Grand Master Desiderio Dalisay, Sr. issued the requested dispensation on August 4, 1978.
            At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge held in April 1979, the Committee on Charters reported that the lodge had met fifteen times at the SEAFDEC Conference Room, and had initiated seven, passed five and raised four. Moreover, it had complete paraphernalia and was in sound financial
condition. The Committee therefore recommended that the lodge be granted a charter and be assigned number 229.
            On June 15, 1979, Grand Master Jolly R. Bugarin, with the assistance of Masonic dignitaries, opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge at Tigbauan, Iloilo and proceeded to constitute Tigbauan Lodge No. 229 and thereafter install its officers..


Location: Tigbauan, Iloilo