2nd Saturday at 2:00 PM
Charter Date
Mount Musuan Masonic Temple
RX Bukidnon (North)

Mount Musuan Lodge No.155

The Name

This Lodge is named after the extinct Musuan volcano that is less than 40 kilometers from the present site of the lodge in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

Musuan or Calayao volcano is an isolated stuff cone amidst a relatively flat, agriculturally rich terrain. It is vegetated from foot to summit with cogon grasses.

The Lodge

                Grand Master Macario Ofilada issued the dispensation that gave life to this lodge on November 4, 1959. On April 26, 1960 the Grand Lodge in Annual Communication granted a charter to the lodge and it became Mount Musuan Lodge No. 155.

 On September 24, 1960, Rt. W. Juan S. Alano, at the request of Grand Master Luther B. Bewley and with the assistance of Masonic dignitaries, opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge in the town of Musuan, Bukidnon Province and proceeded to constitute Mt. Musuan Lodge No. 155. Immediately thereafter MW Esteban Munarriz, the Grand Secretary, installed the officers of the lodge.

Shortly after its constitution, Mt. Musuan Lodge transferred its meeting place to Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

 Location: Malaybalay, Bukidnon.