1st Tuesday at 6:30 PM
Charter Date
Cebu Masonic Temple
RVII Cebu, Bohol, and Siquijor

Mount Moriah Lodge No. 252


The Name
            Originally named Tupas Lodge No. 252, a name taken from a native chieftain of Cebu (the seat of the lodge) who, on June 4, 1565, entered into a peace treaty with Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. It was the first Filipino-Spanish treaty in history.
In 1990, the members of this lodge renamed their lodge Mount Moriah
            Lodge, after the mountain referred to in 2 Chronicles, Chapter 3, Verse 1 of the Holy Bible and which plays an important role in Masonic rites.


The Lodge

            It was in the year 1980 when some members from Maktan Lodge No. 30, the first lodge to be given a charter in Cebu, decided to form a new lodge in the City. Since there was an old lodge in Cebu, which was named Tupas Lodge No. 42, the organizers decided to use the name for their lodge. With Maktan Lodge No. 30 as the principal sponsor, they petitioned the Grand Lodge for a dispensation to form a new lodge in Cebu. The dispensation was issued forthwith and WB Benjamin C. MacMurray was appointed as the Dispensation Master of the new lodge. The lodge was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge in April 1981 and on August 15, 1981, Grand Master Simeon Rene Lacson duly constituted it as a regular lodge. Again, WB Benjamin C. Mac Murray was elected as its Worshipful Master for the ensuing year 1981.

            For the subsequent eight consecutive years up to 1987, the members of Tupas Lodge No. 252 held their installation and other Masonic activities together with Maktan Lodge No. 30. In 1987, Tupas Lodge No. 252 had their first independent installation ceremony when WB Patrick Evans Ramas King was installed as the Worshipful Master.

            In 1989, WB Melchor G. Sagge PM, suggested that the name of the lodge be changed to Mt. Moriah. He pointed out, firstly, that there was a popular labor union, a couple years back which was also named Tupas and he feared the lodge might be confused with the union. Secondly, there was an article,
which appeared in the Cabletow issue of July-August 1986 stating that Tupas dont lodge when it consolidated with maktan Lodge No. 30. Thirdly, the treaty that King Tupas entered into with  Miguel Lopez de Legazpi on June 04. 1565 was disastrous since it cost the lives of countless Filipinos at the time and the Spaniards made countless more slaves. Through the years, under the Spanish rule, many more of our countrymen fighting for freedom and justice, notably our heroes who were mostly Masons,
also died for our country.

            That same year 1989, the members of Tupas Lodge No. 252 passed a resolution changing its name to Mt. Moriah. The resolution was forwarded to the Grand Lodge and was approved one year later.

            Location: Cebu City