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Charter Date
Mount Malindang Lodge Masonic Temple
RX Misamis Occidental
Misamis Occidental

Mt. Malindang Lodge No. 130

The Name

This lodge was named after Mount Malindang at whose foot Ozamis City is located. Orchids and cool streams abound in this rugged, awe-inspiring mountain, that rises 2425 meters above sea level, one of the highest peaks in Northern Mindanao.

The Lodge

On December 3, 1950, the following Masons who were residing in or near Ozamiz City met to formalize their plan to form a Masonic lodge in Ozamiz City: Rafael Sarmiento, Division Superintendent of Schools; Pascual Cade, Provincial Treasurer; Segundino Canoy, Insurance underwriter; Felipe Garcia, Regional Supervisor, Insular Life, Inc.; Aurelio Mendoza, Dean of the Misamis Colleges; Leonardo Oteysa, City Treasurer; Albino Cebedo, Sr., Supervising Teacher; Panfilo Figueras, Principal Teacher; Raymund Adamos, Instructor, Republic College; and Alejandro Bunuan, Ex Justice of the Peace. All of them, except for Cebedo, were sojourners whose profession or employment brought them to the shores of Ozamiz City and the province of Misamis Occidental.

 In due time, the organizers prepared a petition for a dispensation to form a Masonic Lodge which they named after the Malindang mountain. Four other Masons joined them later in their petition.

The petition, which was duly endorsed by Maranao Lodge 111, was hand-carried by Ubaldo Laya to Grand Master Clifford C. Bennett who issued the requested dispensation on December 14, 1950. Named as the first officers of the lodge were: Rafael Sarmiento, Worshipful Master; Pascual Caoile, Senior Warden; and Segundino Canoy, Junior Warden.

On December 19, 1950, the brethren of Mt. Malindang Lodge U.D. held their first stated meeting during which the petitions for the degrees of Masonry of Emilio Abarca and Juan Uriarte were read. After a lapse of one month the two were conferred the first degree of Masonry.

In the meeting of the lodge on January 6, 1952, the members agreed to replace the officers of the lodge so they passed a resolution addressed to the Grand Lodge requesting permission to do so, to wit: Pascual Caoile, would become the Worshipful Master; Leonardo Oteysa, the Senior Warden; and, Panfilo Figueras, the Junior Warden. Grand Master Sidney M. Austin approved the proposed change of officers, but advised the members to install their officers only after the Grand Lodge Inspector certifies that they are proficient.

Bro. Aniceto Belisario was elected Worshipful Master in 1954 and 1955. Under his leadership, the members agreed to construct their own Temple. They found it inconvenient meet in a place not their own. Since the organization of the lodge, they had been meeting in various places but most of the time in the chapel of the Protestant church. When the Grand Lodge approved the architectural plans for their Temple they assessed every member P25.00. Affluent members gave more. Finally, construction was commenced on the lot donated by Bro. Timoteo Uy. Substantial credit was secured from Findlay Millar Timber Co. facilitated by MW Sidney Austin. It has since been improved upon and enlarged for the convenience of the members and visiting brethren.

In 1958, Eduardo Ralloma, then auditor of the local PNB branch, was elected Master. He was the first brother raised in the lodge to occupy the Oriental Chair. Through his efforts the lodge spread the light of Masonry to other areas in Mindanao. In 1959, they formed Pagadian Lodge No. 153 in Zamboanga del Sur. The following year, they establishing another in Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental.

 Mt. Malindang Lodge participated for the first time in the Regional Convention of Masonic lodges in Mindanao and Sulu held at Cagayan de Oro City in 1959 with Maguindanao Lodge No. 40 as the host. Encouraged by the result of the convention, WB Ralloma persuaded many members to attend the Annual Grand Communications in Manila on April 28-30, 1959. Their impressive showing won for Mt. Malindang Lodge the coveted prize, a big Altar Bible, offered by MW Howard Hick, PGM, for obtaining the highest fellowship miles among the lodges in our jurisdiction.

In 1961, Mt. Malindang Lodge was the host for the fifth Masonic Regional Convention for Mindanao, Basilan and Sulu.

In 1962, WB Timoteo Uy was re-elected to serve as Master and was re-elected thereafter for six consecutive years. This feat was duplicated by WB Gregorio Calit who was the Master of Oroquieta Lodge No. 154 from 1961 to 1966, before he was elected as Master of Mt. Malindang Lodge No. 130 from 1968 to 1970, inclusive.

Location: Ozamiz City