2nd Saturday at 2:00 PM
Charter Date
Mt. Mainam Masonic Temple
RIV Cavite (West)

Mt. Mainam Lodge No. 49

The Name

                Mainam is a Tagalog word for beautiful, fair, hence Mt. Mainam means "fairmount." Mt. Mainman is a historical mountain between Pico de Laro and the town of Maragondon in Cavite. It is here where the revolutionary troops under Gen. Emiliano Riego de Dios assembled in their successful defense against Spanish forces of the towns of Naic, Tarnate and Maragondon, in the province of Cavite.

The Lodge

 In the afternoon of September 11, 1918, at the initiative of WB Matias Manalo, 15 Masons, two of whom were from Maragondon and the rest from Naic, all members of Zapote Lodge No. 29, met in the old Presidencia Building of Naic, Cavite for the purpose of organizing a Masonic lodge in the town. For their first set of officers they elected Matias Manalo, as Worshipful Master; Eugenio Yuvienco, as Senior Warden; Gorgonio Velasco, Junior Warden; Dionisio Guevara, treasurer and Alejandro Jose, Secretary. They named the lodge Mt. Mainam in commemoration of the historical battle that took place in Mt. Mainam during the Revolution somewhere in the highland town of Maragondon.

A petition for the issuance of a dispensation authorizing them to form a lodge was sent to Manila. On August 15, 1918, Grand Master Manuel L. Quezon issued the dispensation and immediately thereafter the lodge started accepting applications for membership. The first candidates initiated, passed and raised were Jacinto San Juan and Salvador Sarangay, followed by Municipal President Conrado Costa and Lt. Emeterio Rellosa, both of Wang, Cavite. The meetings of the lodge at that time were held in a rented house owned by Anastacio Halili, on Rizal St. in Naic.

On January 28, 1919, the Grand Lodge Grand Lodge granted Mt Mainam Lodge a charter as Lodge No. 49. On June 19, 1919, Grand Master Milton E. Springer, was officially consecrated the lodge at the Naic Elementary School, with MW Manuel L. Quezon as special guest. It was a colorful event for it marked the first time Masonry was introduced in Naic. Over 600 Masons and non-Masons attended the ceremonies. The distinguished visitors from the Grand Lodge and other visitors who came from Manila were brought to Naic by a special train of the Manila Railroad Company.

 In less than two years, the lodge was able to acquire a lot in Ibayo Estacion on which it constructed its own Temple.

The labors of the lodge were interrupted during the Japanese Occupation, but were resumed after the liberation of the country. The destroyed Temple was reconstructed in 1945 and was renovated in 1972.

Location: Naic, Cavite