1st Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Charter Date
Scottish Rite Masonic Temple - Guam
MD Guam

Milton Lodge No. 123

The Name

This lodge was originally known as Armed Forces Masonic Lodge, it having been organized by members of the U.S. Armed Forces in Guam. After a few years of existence, it merged with Milton C. Marvin Lodge No. 117 and the two lodges took on the name Milton C. Marvin Lodge No 123.

The Lodge

On July 16, 1948, Grand Master Albert Brazee issued a dispensation to several brethren authorizing them to organize a lodge in or around Agana, Guam, in the Marianas Islands, to be known and designated as Armed Forces Masonic Lodge. This brought the number of lodges working in Guam to three.

 On January 26, 1949, during the annual communication of the Grand Lodge, it granted a charter to Armed Forces Masonic Lodge and assigned number 123 to it. In due time the lodge was constituted and held its regular meetings at Camp Edusa, Dededo, Guam.

The brethren in Guam soon realized that the island could not support the existence if three lodges, so in 1951 this lodges consolidated with Milton C. Marvin Lodge No.117. On November 23, 1951 Grand Master Cenon Cervantes approved the consolidation. The two lodges are noe known as Milton C. Marvin Lodge No. 123.

Location: Agana,Guam