2nd Saturday at 2:30 PM
Charter Date
Midsayap Masonic Temple
RXII North Cotabato and Cotabato City
North Cotabato

Midyasap Masonic Lodge No. 267

The Name
            Named after the town of Midsayap in North Cotabato. "Sayap" in the native tongue means "hat," and "midsayap," adverts to one who has put on his hat.


The Lodge
            The idea of establishing a Masonic lodge in Midsayap, Cotabato was germinated during the raising to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason of Nestor J. Villanueva and Eliezer D. Mapanao at Rio Grand Lodge No. 192 at Kabacan, Cotabato in November 1982.


            With the encouragement of VW Hector P. Narrajos, forty-five Master Masons in good standing, members of Kutang Bato Lodge, Kidapawan Lodge, Rio Grande Lodge and Bantugan Lodge sent a petition to the Grand Lodge on August 5, 1983 requesting for authority to form a lodge in Midsayap, North
Cotabato to be named Midsayap Lodge. Rio Grande Lodge endorsed the petition. On September 20, 1983, Grand Master Rosendo C. Herrera issued the requested dispensation and named Ceferino O. Olivo as the Dispensation Master. Among the founders of the lodge were: VW Hector P. Narrajos; Bro. Ceferino O. Olivo, WB Ciriaco E. Gapasin, Bro. Manuel S. Bella, Bro. Nestor J. Villanueva; Bro.
Samuel V. Ferenal; Bro. Ramon Damag; Bro. Pio Elevazo; and Bro. Eliezer D. Mapanao.

            Upon receipt of the dispensation, an organizational meeting was called for September 30, 1983. That day, Midsayap Masonic Lodge UD, was opened in due and ancient form by Senior Warden designate Bro. Manuel S. Bella. The business of the meeting included the reading of the dispensation letter to form a new Masonic lodge in Midsayap, Cotabato. In the same meeting, Bro. Eliezer D. Mapanao, the Secretary-designate, presented the first group of petitioners for the sublime degree of Masonry, namely: Arturo C. Sobong, Carlito C. Salem, Rodolfo J. Soriano, Jr., Cesar Chua and Lito Bayao.

            At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in April 1984, the Committee on Charters, after noting that Misdasap Lodge had been holding regular meetings and had raised eight Masons to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, recommended that it be granted a charter and assigned number 267.
The recommendation was approved and on June 15, 1984 Grand Master Reynato S. Puno, with the assistance of Junior Grand Lecturer, VW Juan C. Nabong, Jr., constituted Midsayap Masonic Lodge No. 267. DDGM Hector P. Narrajos assisted by VW Ali G. Bagundang, DGL, as Master of Ceremonies, installed the officers. Those installed were: Master, Ceferino O. Olivo; Senior Warden, Bro. Manuel S. Bella; and Junior Warden, Bro. Samuel V. Ferenal.

            Midsayap Masonic Lodge No. 267 now meets at the Apolinario Corpuz Masonic Temple named in honor of Bro. Apolinario Corpuz, an illustrious member, who donated the lot on which the Temple stands. The construction of the Temple was undertaken in 1990 during the term of WB Cesario M. Ruizal

            Location: Midsayap, North Cotabato