1st Saturday at 3:00 PM
Charter Date
Meridian Masonic Temple
RIII Bataan

Meredian Lodge No. 268

The Name

            Meridian is defined in the dictionary as "The highest apparent point reached by a heavenly body in its course; the highest point of power, prosperity, splendor, etc.; zenith; apex; culmination; the middle period of one's life, regarded as the highest point of health, vigor, etc."

            At an organizational meeting, when the members were selecting a name for this lodge, it suddenly dawned on them that the time was high twelve and hence the sun was at its meridian. Then and there they decided to call their lodge "Meridian."

The Lodge

            On November 23, 1983, Grand Master Rosendo C. Herrera, upon the petition of thirty-two Master Masons, members of Bataan Lodge No. 104, all of whom were in good standing, issued a dispensation authorizing them to form a lodge in Balanga, Bataan to go by the name Meridian Lodge. At its annual communication held in April 1984, the Grand Lodge, upon the recommendation of the Committee on Charters, granted the lodge a charter and assigned to it number 268. The Committee on Charters noted that the lodge already had its own Masonic Temple and had already initiated two candidates. The Committee also observed: "With the enthusiasm of the charter members in organizing this lodge, there is no doubt that the progress of Masonry in Bataan is assured." On July 14, 1984 Grand Master Reynato S. Puno, assisted by several Masonic dignitaries, constituted Meridian Lodge No. 268. A very pleased MW Puno declared: "The enthusiasm of the Meridian brethren is infectious. They have already constructed a beautiful Temple, the best in the highway. I understand the brethren will put up next a swimming pool with a basketball court to boot. Truly, they have gone a long, long way. Right on brethren."

            Location: Balanga, Bataan