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Charter Date
Scottish Rite Temple

The history of the Manila-Mt. Lebanon Lodge No. 1 had been traced to a Masonic society known as the Sojourners Club. Owing to their Masonic origin, the brethren of the said club sought to organize a lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of California. In October 10, 1901, the Manila Lodge No. 342 was granted the charter and became the first lodge established in the Philippines by the Grand Lodge of California. Thus, for the first eleven years, the Manila Lodge conducted its Masonic Labors under the jurisdiction of the said Grand Lodge.

By 1912, there were three Masonic Lodge in the Philippines owing allegiance to the Grand Lodge of California. On that same year the Brethren of the lodge with the cooperative efforts of the brethren of the two other lodges organized and established what is  now know as the Grand Lodge of the Philippines. With the formation of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, Manila Lodge No. 342 was renumbered to No. 1.

The Lodge grew and labored unmolested through the years until the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines when it had to temporarily suspend  its operations.  It recovered immediately after the war and resumed with undiminished vigor its Masonic endeavors.

The Grand Lodge of the Philippines

As a manifestation of the Lodge's continued recognition of its social responsibility of the Filipino community, the following Masonic endeavors among other things have been carried on:  Free Medical and Dental Clinic, Eduardo Gonzales Scholarship Fund, Harelip and Cleft Palate Treatment, Cataract Operations, Elks Celebral Palsy Project and Manila Garden, Inc.  Also, the Philippines-American Guardian Foundation has been receiving annual sponsorships from the lodge.

In our belief that the youth can be guided by the Masonic tenets to become better citizens, if not  better future Masons, our lodge has continuosly supported since 1972 the sponsorship of the General Douglas MacArthur Chapter of the International Order of the Demolay under the auspices of the Supreme Council, Order of the Demolay of the Philippines.  In 1976, a petition was presented to the Lodge from Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 80 for a merger.  Such petition was approved by the Lodge on February 1977 and since that time up to the present it is know as Manila-Mt Lebanon Lodge No. 1.

The membership of the lodge is truly cosmopolitan for it represents  various  professions and nationalities. Among the Lodge's  famous members are General Douglas MacArthur, Eugene Stafford, Mauel Camus Roxas, William H. Quasha, James A. Ostrand, Jose de los Reyes, Michael Goldenberg, Francis Burton Harrison, etc.

Douglas Mac Arthur

Several accomplishments have constantly been making the history of the Lodge even  brighter as we move on. Credit , however, goes on to the dynamic, highly capable and dedicated  brethren of the Lodge who toil and devoted the most productive parts of their lives to ensure that lodge members and leader are invariably committed to their solemn oaths to practice and propagate the principles of Freemasonry.