3rd Saturday at 9:00 AM
Charter Date
Mallig Plains Lodge Temple
RII Isabela (North)

Mallig Plains Lodge No. 191

The Name

                This lodge was named after the Mallig Plains, a vast expanse of level land encompassing several towns in Isabela province. The seat of this lodge is in Roxas, Isabela, the heart of Mallig Plains.

The Lodge

                The sixteen founders of Mallig Plains Lodge were granted a dispensation to organize their lodge in. Roxas, Isabela on May 8, 1968 by Grand Master Joseph E. Schon. During the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in April 1969, the Committee on Charters reported that the finances of the lodge were sound, that its membership jumped from 16 to 21 and that it had three candidates on its trestle board. Based on its performance, the Grand Lodge granted the lodge a charter and assigned number 191 to it.

                On June 21, 1969, Deputy Grand Master Edgar L. Shepley, representing the Grand Master, opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge in Roxas Isabela and proceeded to constitute Mallig Plains Lodge No. 191. RW Shepley was assisted by William C. Councell, Rufino S. Roque, Pablo Baguioen, Vicente Ramirez, Antonio L. Diego, Cesar T. Meelegrito, Rodolfo Silvestre and others. After the constitution ceremonies, RW Shepley installed the following officers of the lodge: Jose T. Darbin, Worshipful Master; Bro. Juan R. Nery, Senior Warden; Bro. Jovencio Santos, Junior Warden; Kiana Uy, Treasurer and Sotero S. Uy, Secretary. Through the unwavering commitment and determination of WB Co San Kiana Uy, whose benevolence was steadfastly carried on even after his death by his three sons and two sons-in-law, all of whom were Masons, the lodge was able to survive during its fledgeling years. A temple was constructed at Roxas in Isabela as a gift of the family Freemasons of the region.

Location: Roxas, Isabela