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Charter Date
Maharlika Masonic Center
RII Isabela (Central)

Maharlika Lodge No. 180

The Name

Originally conceptualized as "Katubusan Lodge", it was later renamed "Cauayan Lodge," in honor of the town in Isabela where it is situated. In 1974, the members changed the name of their lodge to Maharlika which in several dialects in the Philippines (Bikol, Kapangpangan, Iloco, Hiligaynon, Sibuhanon, Samar-Leyte and Tagalog) means "noble," "aristocratic" or "indigenous freemen." The name is also partially derived from the name of the highway connecting, Manila to Region 2 that was newly built at that time.

The lodge

Lodge records show that on March 26, 1965, twenty-seven brethren from Isabela Lodge No. 60 and the other adjoining blue lodges, under the able of leadership of Bro. Mario Toledo, petitioned the Grand Lodge for a dispensations) to form a lodge in Cauayan to be named Katubusan Lodge.

 Grand Master Serafin Teves issued the requested dispensation on September 9, 1965. Shortly before that, however, the founders renamed their lodge Cauayan Lodge so this was the name given in the dispensation. Incidentally, the Dispensation Officers of the new lodge were: WB Mariano Tan- Worshipful Master; Bro. Melecio Toledo. Sr. Senior Warden;  and Bro. Uy Tian- Junior Warden.

At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge held in April 1966, the Committee of Charters noted that the lodge had already initiated ten candidates, five of whom were made full-fledged Master Masons in March of that year. The Committee, therefore, recommended that the lodge be granted a charter and assigned the number 180.

On July 9, 1966, Grand Master Raymond E. Wilmarth, with the assistance of RW Mariano Q. Tinio, RW Manuel Crudo, VW Rufino S. Roque, MW Esteban Munarriz and other Masonic dignitaries, opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge at Cauayan, Isabela and constituted Cauayan Lodge No. 180. Immediately thereafter, RW Tinio installed the officers of the lodge with RW Crudo acting as Master of Ceremonies.

 On December 23, 1974, through an amendment of the by-laws of the lodge which was duly approved by the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, the name of the lodge was officially changed from Cauayan Lodge to Maharlika Lodge No. 180

The lodge held its stated meetings for a decade (1966-1977) at the residence of WB Melecio Toledo, Sr., at Luna St. in Cauayan, Isabela. Later, meetings were transferred to a room provided by the Isabella Colleges where the lodge stayed for another decade. Meanwhile, the brethren solicited funds for the construction of a Temple on a 240 sq. m. lot that was donated by WB Melecio Toledo, Sr. and Bro. Ambrocio Pinera. In 1987, the lodge installed its elected officers for that year in its newly constructed temple.

Location: Cauayan, Isabela