1st Friday at 7:00 PM
Charter Date
King Solomon Garden
Las Piñas

Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar (Las Piñas)  Lodge No.332 ( formerly known as Las Piñas Lodge )

The Name

    This lodge was named after the city where it is located. Las Pinas is the Spanish term for the pineapples where, during the early years, the place abounded

The Lodge

       On November 27,1999, forty-one Master Masons led by Claude Ambion, Jacinto Q. Astrero, Jaime Racho, Wilthy Benal, Elson Tayco, Raul A. Laman and Ricardo Buendia filed a petition with the Grand Lodge praying for a dispensation to form a new lodge in Las Piñas City to go by the name Las Piñas Lodge. The petition was favorably recommended by Kagitingan Lodge No. 286 and the DDGM of District No. 13. On December 7, 1999, Grand Master Franklin J. Demonteverde issued the requested dispensation and named Antonio M. San Luis as the Dispensation Master, Jaime B. Racho as the Senior Warden and Ernel G. Caampued as the Junior Warden. On the same day, MW Demonteverde instituted the lodge at the Jacobo Zobel Masonic Temple.

    The lodge conducted its initial meetings at RFC Building along Real St. in Las Piñas City which is owned by Past Grand Sword Bearer Evaristo del Mundo. It was able to raise one brother to the Sublime Degree before the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in April 2000. At the annual communication, the Grand Lodge granted the lodge a charter and assigned number 332 to it. On June 17,2000, Grand Master Oscar V. Bunyi formally constituted the lodge.

    Location: Las Piñas City