3rd Saturday at 9:00 AM
Charter Date
Lake Pinamaloy Masonic Temple
RX Bukidnon (South)

Lake Pinamaloy Lodge No. 230

The Name
            This lodge is named after a beautiful, tranquil and serene lake in Bukidnon not far from where it is situated. Lake Pinamaloy is about 500 meters in diameter, and 13 meters deep. Verdant vegetation and towering Lawaan and Molave trees surround it.


The Lodge
            Led by WB Sotero R. Roque, Bro. Credo B. Rubio (then commanding officer of the 425th PC Company stationed in Don Carlos, Bukidnon), and Bro. Quintin de la Torre, thirty-six Master Masons filed a petition with the Grand Lodge on October 30, 1978 asking for a dispensation to form a new lodge. On November 20, 1978, Grand Master Desiderio Dalisay, Sr. gave them a dispensation authorizing them to form Lake Pinamaloy Lodge in Don Carlos.

            During the 1979 ANCOM, the Grand Lodge granted a charter to the lodge and assigned to it number 230. On September 6, 1980, a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge was opened in Don Carlos, Bukidnon by officers of the Grand Lodge who proceeded to constitute Lake Pinamaloy Lodge No. 230. Thereafter the Master of the lodge, WB Credo Rubio, and the other officers, were installed. WB Credo Rubio subsequently donated a lot on which a permanent building was erected through the joint efforts of the brethren.

            Notably, the unflinching support of MW Manuel D. Mandac (then Junior Grand Warden), MW Pedro W. Guerzon (then DDGM) and VW Leonardo Panares, also boosted the steady growth of this lodge for the brethren's use.

            Location: Don Carlos, Bukidnon