1st Thursday at 7:00 PM
Charter Date
Kutang Bato Masonic Temple
RXII North Cotabato and Cotabato City

Kutang Bato Lodge No. 110

The Name

Kutang Bato is another name for Cotabato. Kuta or Cota is the name given to the strongholds or forts of the Muslims. Bato or Wato , on the other hand, means stone or rock in several Philippine dialects such as Tagalog, Maranaw, Maguindanao, Kapampangan, Bicol, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, Ivatan, Sibuhanon, and Samar-Leyte Bisaya. Kutang Batu thus means "fort of stone." Cotabato was known in the old days as Selangan or Silingan.

The Lodge

 In 1933, Dionisio Gutierrez, Governor of the province of Cotabato, invited several Freemasons to a meeting for the purpose of organizing a lodge in the capital town of Cotabato. Everyone agreed to the proposition, so a petition for a dispensation to open a lodge in Cotabato, Cotabato to be named Kutang Bato Lodge was forthwith sent to the Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands. On September 16, 1933, Grand Master Stanton Youngberg issued the requested dispensation and designated Gutierrez to be the Master of the lodge while it worked under dispensation. Subsequently, on January 23, 1934, after the lodge had complied with requirements, it was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge.

 On July 17, 1934, Deputy Grand Master Samuel Roy Hawthorne, representing Grand Master Manuel Camus and assisted by several Masonic dignitaries, opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge at the High School Building in Cotabato, Cotabato and proceeded to constitute Kutang Bato Lodge No. 110 and install its officers. The ceremonies were public and were attended by about three hundred persons, including the most prominent citizens of the province.

The founders of Kutang Bato Lodge No. 110 were the following:

              WB Dionisio Gutierrez                                 Provincial Governor and Provincial  

                                                                                  Commander of  Cotabato


              WB Lorenzo Palileo                                     Provincial Treasurer

              WB Adolfo Cascolan                                   Principal, Cotabato Public High School

              WB Albino Barlaan                                      Industrial Supervisor of Schools

              WB Ricardo Santos                                     Provincial Auditor

              WB Jose Burdeos                                        Assistant Provincial Treasurer   

              WB Bernardo Bagamaspad                         Chief Clerk, Provincial 'Treasury

              WB Marcelo Domingo, Sr.                           Municipal 'Treasurer, Cotabato

              WB Francisco C. Tizon                                Municipal Judge, Parang, Cotabato

              Bro. Edilberto Mendoza                               Provincial Secretary

              Bro. Mauro Rosauro                                    Assistant Provincial Auditor

              Bro. Colin F. MacKenzie                              School Supervisor

              Bro. Rufino Garcia                                       District Engineer

              Bro. Eulogio Tablante                                  Public Works Foreman

From 14 charter members, the roster grew by leaps and bounds. Some members have already gone to that "undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns." Others have joined Kidapawan Lodge No. 170, Rio Grande Lodge No. 192 and Mt. Matutum Lodge No. 156 - all within the provinces of Cotabato.

One of the better known Past Masters of the lodge is Secretary of Justice Simeon Datumanong.

 Kutang Bato Lodge No. 110 has always cooperated with other civic societies in Cotabato, and has participated in an array of activities and noble endeavors for the benefit of the province. It has pioneered the way for others to follow.

Location: Cotabato City