3rd Saturday at 5:00 PM
Charter Date
Koronadal Masonic Center
South Cotabato

Koronodal Lodge No. 209

The Name

               Named after the town of Koronadal in South Cotabato. The choice of the name of this lodge was inspired by the fact that the seat of the lodge (Marbel, Koronadal, South Cotabato) was the first encampment of those who were brought over from different parts of the country to establish a settlement in Koronadal Valley. Koronadal is a native word meaning "Dancing Cogon."

The Lodge

               WB Maximiano Panlaque was the Worshipful Master of Mt. Matutum Lodge No. 156 in 1974 when the idea of forming another lodge in Catabato was brought out by VW Isagani Bella of Masonic District No. 26. This became necessary as brethren from outlying towns and municipalities in the upper valley were having difficulty in attending meetings as they had to travel to General Santos City to fulfill their Masonic obligations. The following year, WB Maximiano Panlaque and Bro. Francisco Sarrosa initiated the formation of a new lodge in Koronadal which would bring relief and convenience to the brethren from the surrounding towns. After a series of consultations and caucuses, 62 brethren signified their intention to finalize the formation of a new lodge. Most of the meetings were held at the home of Bro. Roberto Alabado, Sr.

               A dispensation to form Koronadal Lodge was issued by Grand Master Teodoro V. Kalaw, Jr. on June 11, 1975 and on July 19, 1975 the lodge was formally organized. Koronadal Lodge UD went to work immediately and initiated Bros. Pacifico L. Padua, Generoso C. Pascual and Alfredo C. Mapanao.

               This lodge was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge during the April 1976 ANCOM and was constituted on July 24, 1976 by MW Jose L. Araneta. The first set of charter officers was also installed, namely: Bros. Francisco Sarrosa, Roberto Alabado and Deogracias Patrimonio as Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens.

               Within the year of its constitution, three more brothers were raised, namely: Isaac Alvero V. Moran, Alfredo C. Mapanao and Antonio E. Sarrosa.

               From Alabado's home, the lodge transferred to Samahang Nayon then to Yniguez. Finally, it found its permanent site at the back of Notre Dame of Markel University. Through the benevolence of Bro. Roberto Alabado, Sr. and his family, the lodge paid for only one-half of the cost of the lot as the other half was donated by them.

                Location: Koronadal, South Cotabato