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Ubaldo D. Laya Masonic Center
RX - A (Iligan & Lanao Del Norte)
Lanao Del Norte

Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259


The Name

            Originally called Industrial City Lodge No.259 because of the proliferation of factories and industries in the city of Iligan, this lodge was renamed Judge Valerio V. Rovira on November 9, 1989 in honor of a brother who distinguished himself both in public life and in Masonry. He was instrumental in the organization of ten lodges, was awarded the Jose Abad Santos Medal of Merit by the Grand Lodge, and founded one Court of the Order of the Amaranth. He was elected Grand Royal Patron of the Grand Court of the Order of the Amaranth in 1980.

The Lodge

            Grand Master Simeon Rene Lacson issued the dispensation for the organization of Industrial City, UD. on November 25, 1981 largely through the untiring efforts of Bro. "Valing," as Judge Rovira was commonly called. The petition for dispensation was actually signed by twenty-eight Master Masons who were members of lodges in the area, and was recommended by Iligan City Lodge No. 207 and the DDGM of District No. 25, VW Mansur D. Baulo.

            During the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in April 1982 it granted a charter to Industrial City Lodge and assigned to it number 259. On July 28, 1982, the new Grand Master, MW Rudyardo V. Bunda, with the assistance of Masonic dignitaries, constituted the lodge and installed its first set of officers under charter, to wit: WB Wilfredo Bacareza, Worshipful Master; and Bros. Florante B. Piansay and Matthew R. Uy as Senior and Junior Wardens. respectively.

            Some eight years later, or on November 9, 1989 to be exact, the lodge was renamed as Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259 in honor of the brother who had tirelessly cemented the foundation of the lodge in that locality.

            Location: Iligan City