2nd Saturday at 4:00 PM
Charter Date
Plaridel Masonic Temple

High- Twelve Lodge No. 82

The Name

High Twelve, in Masonry, is the noon hour, when the sun is the beauty and glory of the day: Low-Twelve is the hour of midnight, when dark deeds are committed.

The Lodge

                On June 25, 1922, sixteen members of the Craft belonging to three lodges in this Grand Jurisdiction got together to practice the ritual on the conferral of degrees. Imbued with the desire to promote the best interests of the Order, it dawned upon them to organize a new lodge. Upon the suggestion of Bro. Severino Karganilla, the name "High Twelve" was adopted for the new lodge.

A petition for dispensation, signed by the sixteen members, was prepared and the recommendation of three lodges working in Manila was secured. On July 20, 1922, Grand Master Quintin Paredes, issued a dispensation authorizing the petitioners to form a lodge The Grand Master designated Filomeno Galang as the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

The unyielding determination of the founders and the good record of the lodge while working under dispensation resulted in the favorable recommendation of the Committee on Charters during to Eleventh Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge on January 23, 1923. Thus, the lodge was issued a charter as High-Twelve Lodge No. 82. On February 17, 1923 Grand Master Frederic H. Stevens formally constituted the lodge and installed its officers in public ceremonies conducted at the Blue Lodge Hall of the Masonic Temple at the Escolta in Manila.

And so, from a casual gathering of sixteen inspired members of the Craft there came into being High-Twelve Lodge No. 82 which now counts with more than one hundred active members. The record made by the lodge during the more than eighty years of its fruitful existence stands out as a glowing tribute to its founders, to its officers and its members who, from year to year, have carried on the work of promoting universal brotherhood through the practice of the principal tenets of the Masonic Institution - Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Proficiency in the rituals of Masonry has been the perennial trademark of High Twelve Lodge. Some of its members who have distinguished themselves with their accurate execution of the Monitor are Francisco Olizon, Felipe Carbonilia, Adriano R. Rivera, Jose Intal, Dominador Escosa, Gregorio Cariaga, Fidel Manalo, Baldomero Reyes and, of course, the longtime Senior Grand Lecturer Hermogenes P. Oliveros. Men who have distinguished themselves in the Masonic fraternity and in Philippine society also graced to roster of this lodge. To name a few we have Mauro Baradi, PGM; Charles Mosebrook, PGM; Gen. Manuel D. Mandac, PGM; Domingo C. Bascarra; Regino G. Padua; and Prisco N. Evangelista. It should also be mentioned that this lodge almost mothered a lodge in China. In the 1930's one of its members, Eduardo Co Seteng, was the Mayor of Amoy, China. On September 16, 1933 he entertained over 100 Masons who held membership in Philippine lodges. The organization of a Masonic lodge in Amoy was discussed. Preliminarily, they agreed to form a Masonic Club and named Mayor Co Seteng as chairman of the organizing committee. In spite of their early enthusiasm, however, they never went beyond the "Masonic Club" stage.

 Among the present leaders of the lodge are Gigi Ancajas, Charles G. Agar, Rolando C. Chill, Reuynaldo Cortez, Larry Uy, Genaro T. Cabreros, Felix D. Ramos, Jr., George L. So, Arturo E. Fadriquela and Bienvenuto C. Alegre.

Location: Plaridel Masonic Temple, Manila