3rd Saturday at 8:00 AM
Charter Date
Eulogio R. Dizon Masonic Temple
RIII Nueva Ecija West
Nueva Ecija

Eulogio R. Dizon Lodge No. 264

The Name

                The first name of this lodge was Mount Amurong, after a small mountain in Talugtog, Nueva Ecija. In 1990, it was renamed Eulogio R. Dizon Memorial Lodge in honor of a Mason who was a college president and well known for his philanthropic deeds.

The Lodge

            On April 18, 1983, Grand Master Rudyardo V. Bunda issued a dispensation to 37 Master Masons who were members of Nueva Ecija Lodge No. 73, General Tinio Lodge No. 167, Kapatiran.Lodge No. Lodge No. 228 and Apolinario Mabini Lodge No. 235, authorizing then to organize a lodge in Talugtog, Nueva Ecija to be named Mount Amurong Lodge. It was the realization of the treasured dream of the town's civic leaders to establish a lodge in Talugtog.

            This lodge actually had its inception when WB Jose R. Dizon, then the incumbent Master of General Tinio Lodge, broached the idea to the members of his lodge. In no time, a petition for dispensation was prepared and sent to the Grand Lodge. As soon as the dispensation was received, the lodge was set up and it started functioning. Before the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in April 1984 took place, the lodge had logged 24 meetings. It received twenty petitions for degrees and raised 10 to the degree of Master Mason. At the annual communication it was granted a charter and assigned number 264. On September 29, 1984 Grand Master Reynato S. Puno duly constituted Mount Amurong
Lodge No.264 as a regular lodge with many of the distinguished brethren of the province in attendance.

            Location: Talugtog, Nueva Ecija