1st Saturday at 9:00 AM
Charter Date
Eulogio R. Dizon Masonic Temple
RIII Nueva Ecija West
Nueva Ecija

Eulogio R. Dizon Lodge No.321

The Name       

            This lodge was named after Eulogio R. Dizon, a well-loved Mason in Nueva Ecija, a college president and a philanthropist. Dizon first saw Masonic light in Nueva Ecija Lodge No.73. He took out dual membership in Gen. Manuel Tinio Lodge No. 167 and was a charter member of Zaragosa Lodge No. 263. Initiated, passed and raised in 1951, he was active in the fraternity till his death in 1983.

The Lodge      

            On January 4, 1997, General Manuel Tinio Lodge No. 167, passed a resolution recommending the approval of a petition to form a new lodge in Talugtog, Nueva Ecija to be named Eulogio R. Dizon Lodge. The following month, on February 14, DDGM Alexander Coloma wrote a letter to Grand Master Jose Percival L. Adiong, likewise, recommending approval of the petition. On February 26, the petition signed by twenty-five Master Masons who were members of Memorial Lodge No. 90, Gen. Manuel Tinio Lodge No. 167, Apolinario Mabini Lodge No. 235 and Eulogio R. Dizon Memorial Lodge No.264 was filed with the Grand Lodge. After resolving certain technicalities, MW Adiong issued the requested dispensation on April 1, 1997 and named Jose R. Dizon as the Dispensation Master, Renato U. Dizon as the Senior Warden and Samuel P. Mateo as the Junior Warden, of the new lodge.

            On April 11, 1997, the lodge was formally instituted at the Talugtog West Central School and the dispensation officers were installed. During the annual communication held in April 1998, the Grand Lodge granted a charter to the lodge and assigned to it number 321.

            Grand Master Enrique L. Locsin presided over the constitution of Eulogio R. Dizon Lodge No.321, at the Pagasa Multi-Purpose Center in Talugtug, Nueva Ecija on June 13, 1998. He was also the guest speaker for the occasion. VW Enrico G. Divina, District Deputy Grand Master, received with full honors MW Locsin and his party, as well as Hon. Bro. Quintino S. Caspillo, Jr., municipal mayor of Talugtug, and Hon. Bro. Jose "Bopet" M. Dizon, municipal mayor of Guimba.

            The future bodes well for Eulogio R. Dizon Lodge. In its first year of existence it raised 14 to the 3rd degree, passed 2 and initiated 5. The Master of the lodge also donated a 433 sq. lot to the lodge upon which the brethren hope to construct a Temple.

            Location: Talugtug, Nueva Ecija