Charter Date
RXI Davao Del Norte and Davao Oriental

Elisha Ward Wilbur Lodge No. 101

The Name

                The lodge was named in honor of the first Master of Bagumbayan Lodge,  Elish Ward Wilbur. Wilbir came to the Philippine member of the US Army. After his discharge  he joined in the Department Surgeons Office. He died on October 12, 1919, a few years before Lodge  No. 101 was organized.

The Lodge

                On December 30.,1925, Grand Master Christian Rosenstock issued a dispensation to 13 Master Masons to form a lodge in Victorias, Negros Occidental to be named Elisha Ward Wilbur Lodge. The founders of the lodge were Corneluis Penning, manager of Victorias Milling Co., Luis Yangco of Hacienda Florencia, Wilhelm Kinney and Felix O. Guantero. On January 26. 1926., the Grand Lodge after ascertaining that the lodge had complied with requirements, granted it charter as Elisha Wilbur Lodge No. 101.

                 On October 22, 1926, Grand Master Francisco A. Delgado proceeded to Victorias Occidental Negros to constitute the lodge. He was accompanied by Past Grand Master Edwin E. Elser and WB Aurelio L. Corcuera, as well as by many brothers of Kanlaon Lodge who found his party a Bacolod.The constitution was not public. The attendance or Master Mason was remarkably good, considering the long distance from the nearest lodge. The most prominent citizens of the province attended the public reception given afterwards.

                 This lodge lasted for only ten year. Throughout its existence its roster did not go beyond 21, however, it had an elite membership and held its affairs at the exclusive Victorias Gun Club. Other prominent personalities who graced the rolls of the lodge were Frederick A. Stevenson of Hawaiian Phil Co., A O. Balgrie, Wallace M. Cooper, Antonio Martell, Colin W Waddell, Norberto Capay, Vicente Cunanan, Ramon Rius and John Muller.

                On August 8, 1936, Elisha Wilbur Lodge consolidated with Kanla-on Lodge No. 64 in ceremonies held in the hall of Kanla-on Lodge.