4th Saturday at 1:00 PM
Charter Date
RIX Zamboanga Del Sur and Sibuguey
Zamboanga Del Sur

Dr. Aurelio Mendoza Memorial Lodge No. 283

The Name

            This lodge was originally named Ipil Lodge, after the town where it meets. It was renamed Dr. Aurelio Mendoza Memorial Lodge in 1993, in honor of a well-known educator and Mason in Zamboanga.

The Lodge

            Grand Master Teodorico V. Baldonado issued the dispensation that gave life to this lodge. On April 29, 1988, it was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge upon the recommendation of the Committee on Charters and was assigned number 283.

            On June 25, 1988, the new Grand Master, Raymundo N. Beltran, constituted this lodge in Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur, with the assistance of several Masonic dignitaries. The lodge held its meetings at the Dr. Aurelio Mendoza Memorial College in Ipil.

            In its stated meeting held on March 27, 1993, Ipil Lodge passed a Resolution changing its name to Aurelio M. Mendoza Memorial Lodge. The Resolution stated that Aurelio M. Mendoza was a recognized educator and community leader and a pioneer Mason in Zamboanga del Sur. It also noted that among the officers, past and present, of Ipil Lodge are the children, grandchildren and nephews of Aurelio M. Mendoza. On March 18, 1994, Grand Master Rizal D. Aportadera approved the proposed change of the name of the lodge to Aurelio M. Mendoza Memorial Lodge.

            This lodge, since its organization, has served as a bastion for the tenets of the Fraternity in that part of the globe.

            Location: Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur