Charter Date
R-XVIII Negros Island Region
Negros Occidental

Dalusan Lodge No. 281

The Name

            The word "dalusan" is derived form a Japanese bamboo specie dominant in Sagay City during World War II. Dalusan is also the present seat of government of Sagay City where the lodge is located. The seat used to be at Old Sagay, but  the end of World War II it was transferred to Dalusan because it is more accessible.

The Lodge

            In 1986, several Masons conceived the idea of forming a Masonic lodge based in Sagay City (then a municipality) in the northern part of Negros Occidental. Through the initiative of members of Manuel Valencia Ko Memorial Lodge (then Lantawan Lodge) and other lodges in Negros, a petition for a dispensation to organize a lodge was submitted to the Grand Lodge. Their dream of forming a lodge was realized when Grand Master Teodorico V. Baldonando gave them the requested dispensation on August 17, 1987 and designated VW Angel S. Tiangson as the Dispensation Master of the new lodge.

            For decades prior to the organization of Dalusan Lodge, the practice in the Grand Lodge was merely to deliver or mail the dispensation to the Master or Secretary of the new lodge. Shortly before Dalusan was given a dispensation, however, the beautiful ritual of institution of lodges under dispensation was discovered. It is an old ritual that was employed in instituting Manila Lodge No. 1 and other old lodges, but had not been used for many, many years. Grand Master Baldonado decided to revive the practice. On October 16, 1987, he enplaned for Negros and, with the help of Senior Grand Lecturer Fernando V. Pascua, Jr. formally instituted the lodge.

            Dalusan Lodge was granted a charter and assigned number 281 by the Grand Lodge during the annual communication held in April 1988. On May 27, 1988, Grand Master Raymundo N. Beltran formally constituted the lodge as a regular lodge at Sagay City. On the same day, the officers of the lodge led by WB Angel S. Tiangson were installed into office.

            Today Dalusan Lodge is composed of sundry Masons coming from all walk of life - business, politics, military and other professions. Through the years, the stewardship of the affairs of the lodge have been placed in the able hands of Brothers Leocadio S. C. Santiago, Ramon D. Borromeo, Beethoven B. Fuentesfina, Sr., Miller Serondo, Jaime Tupas, Francisco P. Ledesma, Thomas C. Alvarado, Alfredo D. Marañon, III, Leo Rafael M. Cueva, Manfred M. Fuentesfina and Vismindo P. Santiago.

            Location: Sagay City, Negros Occidental