1st Friday at 6:00 PM
Charter Date
Scottish Rite Temple

Cosmos Lodge No.8

The Name

                Kosmos - is a Greek word meaning "Order." Cosmos, as used in the English language, denotes "the world or universe considered as a system, perfect in order and arrangement x x x hence, any harmonious and complete system.”

The Lodge

               This lodge is a by-product of the First World War. In 1916, while England and Germany were locked in war, the Grand Lodge of Scotland issued an order jurisdiction expelling all Masons of German origin from the lodges under its jurisdiction throughout the world. Thus, several members of Lodge Perla del Oriente 1034, a lodge under the Grand Lodge of Scotland, who were of German stock, were shorn of their lodge membership. On October 21, 1916, these Masons held a meeting with other Masons who sympathized with them to discuss the possibility of founding a new lodge under the Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands. Present at the meeting were Manuel Camus, William Friedlander, Albert Edward Schalk, Fritz Krezchmas, and Joseph Henry Schmidt. That same day a petition to form a new lodge was sent to the Grand Lodge.

              On November 14, 1916, Grand Master William H. Taylor issued a dispensation for the organization of the lodge. In February 1917, at the annual communication of the Grand Lodge, Cosmos Lodge was given its chatter as Cosmos Lodge No. 8. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon of February 14,1917, it was formally constituted and its first set of officers were installed.

Throughout the years, the members of Cosmos Lodge have sown the seeds of friendship and Masonic good-fellowship. They contributed generously towards the building of the Masonic Home, School and Dormitory that, unfortunately, became a casualty of the Second World War. Many of its members also spearheaded the establishment of the Masonic Hospital for Crippled Children. Often the charitable acts of the lodge were reported in the pages of the Cabletow. Thus, the April 1957 issue states that the lodge made a generous donation to the Children's Garden at Taytay, Rizal and gave playground equipment to the Masonic Hospital. The lodge also maintained its practice of giving souvenir items to visiting brethren.

             Four members of Cosmos Lodge have sat on the Grand Oriental Chair, MW Joseph H. Schmidt in 1927, Manuel Camus in 1934, Albert Brazee, Jr. in 1948 and Rosendo C. Herrera in 1983.

             Today, the lodge counts on the able services of Alexander Madamba, Romeo Musngi, Areto Paquing, Nerville Perialosa, Mariano Remoquillo, Diosdado Lacsamana, Jose Roncesvalles, Darryl, Maluto, Edgardo Paredes, Alex D. Sarniiento and a host of others.

Location: Scottish Rite Temple, Manila