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Charter Date
Capitol Masonic Temple
Quezon City

Capitol City Lodge No. 174

The Name

The organizers of this lodge intended to name it Quezon City Lodge after the city where it is located but there already existed a lodge by that name. They therefor named it instead Capitol City Lodge inasmuch as Quezon City was at that time the capital of the Philippines. Although Manila has regained the title as the capital of the nation, the members refuse to change the name of their lodge, faithfully awaiting a time with patience when Quezon City will once again be the Capitol City of the country.

The Lodge

On February 20, 1964, Grand Master Pedro M. Jimenez issued a dispensation to forty-six Master Masons who were residing in Quezon City and nearby areas, authorizing them to congregate as a lodge in Quezon City. Sponsored by Quezon City Lodge No. 122, the lodge so formed was granted a charter on April 28, 1964 during the annual communication of the Grand Lodge. On September 26, 1964, MW Charles Mosebrook constituted it as a regular lodge. Its charter officers are: WB Norberto S. Amoranto, Worshipful Master; Bro. Placido M. Pilar, Senior Warden; and Bro. Pedro N. Ylagan, Junior Warden.

Just like Quezon City Lodge No. 122, Capitol City Lodge survived its early years as an ambulant lodge. The saddest part in its history occurred in the middle of the night of July 11, 1970 when the PCCC Bldg., the meeting place of the lodge, was burned to ashes with all the paraphernalia and properties of the lodge, except for twenty-five aprons, Tyler's book, sword and records. Due probably to the intervention of Divine Providence, the saved items were in the residence of the Secretary after he bought them home at the end of the District Convention held on July 4 in Pasig, Rizal. The lodge also leapfrogged from one building to another and even shared with Quezon City Lodge No. 122 the use of the Chapel of the United Church of the Philippines located at EDSA near Quezon Avenue. Finally, in March 1971, all lodges in Quezon City moved to their present site, a beautiful building constructed by the Capitol Masonic Corporation upon the strong representation of all the lodges meeting in Quezon City.

Many members of Capitol City Lodge have contributed to the welfare and development of Freemasonry in the district. Among them are VW Teofilo C. Leonidas who was District Deputy Grand Master for several years; VW Bienvenido G. Ongkiko who became District Grand Lecturer also for several years and in 1985 was appointed Assistant Grand Secretary; VW Safiro A. Vinarao who was District Secretary from 1983 to 1986, Grand Standard Bearer in 1985-1986 and Assistant Grand Secretary in 2002.

Capitol City Lodge No. 174 is composed of members who come from different fields of discipline and is one of the more sturdy lodges in the Quezon City area and its environs. Among its present leaders are Antonio Cabangon L. Chua, Reynaldo Berroya, Ronald Cortez, Protacio Depakakibo, Jr., and Joselito Sevilla, Jr.

Location: Quezon City