1st Saturday at 2:00 PM
Dr Jose P Rizal (Calamba) Masonic Temple
RIV Laguna West

Cabuyao City Masonic Lodge No. 442

Sometime in late 2016, then RW Romeo S. Momo with VW Jose A. Roncesvalles discussed with Bro. Josefino ‘Jojo’ M. Melgar, Jr. the possibility of chartering a masonic lodge in the City of Cabuyao, and it was during this meeting that Bro. Jojo committed to assist in RW Momo’s vision of establishing a beacon of masonic light in the ancient and historic City of Cabuyao. Soon thereafter, and with distinguished brethren from Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Calamba) Masonic Lodge No. 270 led by the likes of PDDGMs Bro. Alexis Noriel S. Albano, Bro. Robert C. Santos, PDGLs Bro. Dionisio ‘Dennis’ G. Baterina, Bro. Artemio ‘Butch’ del Rosario and former SWs Bro. Jojo and Bro. Andrew James ‘Polly’ Ibarra during one fellowship after a lodge meeting, casually discussed the possibility of forming a masonic lodge in the neighbouring City of Cabuyao. Soon afterwards, upon the initiative of Bro. Jojo and Bro. Polly, both dual members of Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Calamba) Masonic Lodge No. 270, a special caucus was scheduled at Ryuma Restaurant in early 2017 at Santa Rosa City, Laguna. In that caucus, not only the brethren of Calamba were present but also other craftsmen who are residents of the neighbouring cities of San Pedro, Binan, City of Santa Rosa, City of Cabuyao (Laguna) and Silang (Cavite). The main topic was to get the firm commitment of the attendees to form a masonic lodge in the City of Cabuyao, and with at least 25 master masons’ affirmation secured during that eventful night, the name of the proposed lodge was agreed to be Cabuyao City Masonic Lodge over other proposals such as Gintong Kampana Lodge, Tabuko Lodge etc. The brethren in attendance further agreed that the lodge should be situated in the City of Cabuyao and possible sites were proposed. Meanwhile, owing to its being the nearest masonic lodge from the City of Cabuyao, the logical choice of being the temporary home and the sponsoring lodge of the chartering craftsmen was no other than Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Calamba) Masonic Lodge No. 270. The lodge membership having been drawn, and after several more meetings, the writing of the lodge history and the design of the lodge seal were assigned to a committee created provisionally, and headed by Bro. Jojo. That committee will be composed of senior masons present during the meeting and it was tasked to study and submit its proposal in the succeeding meetings.

Bro. Polly, the designated interim secretary, was tasked to secure all pertinent forms from the Grand Lodge and to petition the sponsoring lodge while informing the then DDGM of MD RIV Laguna VW Bro. Eddie C. Loo of the plan to charter a new masonic lodge in this side of the Province of Laguna. Bro. Rey Amando B. Bascos, III, the designated interim assistant secretary, was assigned to collate all the masonic records and certificates of good standing of all that would be charter members. With fervour and zeal, the brethren of Cabuyao City Masonic Lodge in no time completed all the requirements needed for the grant of dispensation from MW Romeo S. Momo, Grand Master of Masons MY 2018 and co-charter member of the lodge, came the lodge’s institution with WBro. Nahum B. Tarroza as its first Worshipful Master, with 35 other master masons comprising the lodge under dispensation. After several stated meetings, and having successfully raised its first son Bro. Alejandro Viduya Aragon during its stated meeting in February of 2019, the Lodge Secretary Bro. Polly with the assistance of some brothers have prepared, compiled and submitted all documents required by the Grand Lodge to charter a lodge and filed the same with the Committee on Chartering on March of 2019, and after the favourable recommendation of said Committee on Chartering under the incoming Grand Master MW Agapito S. Suan, Jr., then Chair of the Committee, Cabuyao City Masonic Lodge No. 442 was born with the approbation of the general membership duly assembled last ANCOM 2019. After being constituted as a regular lodge last May 16, 2019 by now Grand Master Agapito S. Suan, Jr., with WM Bro. Nahum B. Tarroza, PM as its Charter Master, VW Bro. Roberto C. Santos, PDDGM as its Charter Senior Warden and VW Dionisio G. Baterina, PDGL as its Charter Junior Warden, the lodge remains ever cohesive, strong and passionate in its mission of dispersing the great light of freemasonry in Cabuyao City, Province of Laguna.

On the occasion of its first ever special election for Worshipful Master last June 28, 2019, graced by no less than VW Arcadio B. Gapangada, DDGM RIV Laguna, Bro. Josefino M. Melgar, Jr. by unanimous votes of all brethren present and duly assembled became the first ever elected Worshipful Master of the lodge.

During its first regular election last December 7, 2019, Bro. Andrew James S. Ibarra was elected as Worshipful Master, Bro. Renee Johnson M. Melgar as Senior Warden and Bro. Rey Amando B. Bascos III as Junior Warden. With Gods grace, Bro. Andrew James S. Ibarra will be the first full term Worshipful Master of this Lodge after serving as Senior Warden of Pilar Lodge No. 15 in MY2010, and Junior Warden of Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Calamba) Masonic Lodge No. 270 in MY 2019.

The Lodge (Proposed) Seal finally designed and crafted by Brother Resty Saguinsin: A square and compass (signifying Freemasonry) the Kabuyaw tree (a type of citrus tree which were abundant during the mid-1500s to about early 1900s and from which the name of the City was taken), the alibata character/figure of the word Tabuko the old name of Cabuyao territory encompassing the modern cities of San Pedro, Binan, Sta Rosa and Calamba prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in 1571) and a bell (the mythical golden bell believed to bring good fortune and harvest to the residents of the community which Festival is celebrated by the Cabuyeno’s up to this date in the yearly “Batingaw Festival” the culminating activity of the Town Fiesta held in honour of its Patron Saint, St. Polycarp. The four figures above mentioned are embossed on a plate encircled by the cable-tow (which signifies the never-ending brotherhood of the members and would be members of the proposed lodge). The figures are all in white with royal blue background for the square and compasses, with olive green background for the Kabuyaw tree, with maroon red background for Tabuko “Alibata” symbol and yellow gold for the bell.

Drafted and conceptualized by:

With contributions from W BRO. ANDREW JAMES S. IBARRA, PM