4th Friday at 6:00 PM
Charter Date
Davao Masonic Center
RXI Davao Del Sur and Davao City
Davao Del Sur

Beacon Lodge No. 213

The Name

               The lodge was so-named as a prophesy and a promise that its members will be beacons or guiding lights in the fulfilment of Masonry's mission to form mankind into a great redemptive brotherhood, a league of noble and free men enlisted in the radiant enterprise of working out in time the love and will of the Eternal.

The Lodge

                Upon the recommendation of Davao Lodge No. 149, Grand Master Teodoro V. Kalaw, Jr. issued the founders of Beacon Lodge a dispensation on October 14, 1975 and on December 9, 1975 they formally organized the lodge. At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge held in April the following year, Beacon Lodge was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge and assigned number 213

               On July 23, 1976, the new Grand Master Jose L. Araneta, with the assistance of WB Desiderio Dalisay, WB Ruben Feliciano, WB Roman Tesoro, WB Tiburcio Cervantes, MW Ruperto S. Demonteverde, Sr. and other Masonic dignitaries, opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge in Davao City and proceeded to constitute Beacon Lodge No. 213 and install the following officers: Ricardo A. Cruz, Worshipful Master, Alberto L. Perez, Senior Warden, and Carlos T. Yap, Junior Warden.

               Over the years Beacon Lodge has performed its role as one of the dynamic lodges under Masonic District No. 18. Its Charter Master, Ricardo A. Cruz, Sr., immersed himself not only in his varied Blue Lodge activities but also in Scottish Rite Masonry rising to the exalted positions of Sovereign Grand Inspector General and Grand Chaplain of the Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Masonry. Beacon Lodge No. 213, indeed, has performed the role that was envisioned for it ably well.

                Location: Davao City