1st Saturday at 9:00 AM
Charter Date
Arcadio R. Evangelista Memorial Lodge Temple
RIII Tarlac North

Arcadio R. Evangelista Memorial Lodge No. 254


The Name

            Named in honor of WB Arcadio Evangelista, former Mayor of the town of Anao, Tarlac. Bro. Evangelista was a member of Regeneration Lodge No. 36 and was one of the organizers of Isagani Lodge No. 96 and Anchor Lodge No. 159.

The Lodge

            The late Bro. Jesus V. Evangelista conceived the idea of establishing a lodge in memory of his father, Arcadio del Rosario Evangelista, who was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on the 18th day of March 1916 in Regeneracion Lodge under the Regional Grand Lodge of the Philippines. His
dream was realized in 1980 when, at a stated meeting of Anchor Lodge No. 159 held on August 9, 1980, of which he was a charter member and a Past Master, he laid down his plans of forming Arcadio Evangelista Memorial Lodge and the brethren unanimously approved his proposal.

            On September 25, 1980, Grand Master Manuel D. Mandac issued a dispensation authorizing the formation of a new lodge at San Francisco, Anao, Tarlac under the name Arcadio Evangelista Memorial Lodge. Named as the Dispensation officers of the lodge were: Bro. Jesus V. Evangelista, Master; Bro.
Benjamin V. Evangelista, Senior Warden, and Bro. Virgilio G. Evangelista, Junior
Warden. On October 4, 1980 the lodge was formally opened.


            During the period that the lodge worked under dispensation, it successfully raised eight petitioners to the Sublime Degree, to wit:

                                                                                              Honesto B. Evangelista - Rogelio V. Evangelista
                                                                                                  Carlito B. Evangelista - Rodolfo P. Lopez
                                                                                                  Vivencio G. Dela Cruz - Maximino M. Ramiscal
                                                                                                    Ponciano S. Halili - Abraham M. Bagamaspad

            On the March 7, 1981, lodge formally petitioned the Grand Lodge for a charter and the Grand Lodge, on April 25,1981, during the annual communication, graciously obliged and assigned to the lodge number 254. In that communication, Grand Master Manuel D. Mandac profusely praised the lodge for its remarkable progress and the members for their "inner personal discipline" MYY Mandac said: "This lodge was given a dispensation to organize on 25 September 1980. Within a very short time the Brethren had built a one story Temple at Anao, Tarlac on a lot donated by VW Bro. Jesus Evangelista, Charter Master of the lodge and who also spearheaded the construction of the Temple."

            On July 18, 1981, the new Grand Master, Simeon Rene Lacson, with Senior Grand Lecturer Hilario G. Esguerra as Directing Marshal, constituted Arcadio Evangelista Lodge No. 254 and installed its officers.

            Location: San Francisco, Anao, Tarlac