4th Saturday at 5:00 PM
Charter Date
Apo kahoy Masonic Temple
RX Misamis Oriental and Camiguin
Misamis Oriental

Apo Kahoy Lodge No. 166

The Name

Apo Kahoy is a contraction of Mt. Apo sa Kahoy, the name of a mountain in Misamis Oriental not far from the seat of the lodge. Apo sa Kahoy translates into English as "enchanted creature in the tree."

Another name suggested during the formation of the lodge was Mt. Balatukan, the highest mountain in the area.

The Lodge

With the endorsement of Maguindanao Lodge No. 40, Grand Master Macario M. Ofilada issued the dispensation for the formation of this lodge on July 31, 1959. The lodge encountered early difficulties. Because of poor performance, it failed to get a charter during the annual communication of the Grand Lodge in April 1961. In 1962, its situation was no better. Grand Master Juan S. Alano informed the Grand Lodge that if the members of the lodge did not show "more interest in improving their present condition" and if the lodge did not shape up in six months, he would recommend that the dispensation issued to it be withdrawn. The warning had its effect. In the annual communication held in April 1963 the lodge was able to establish to the satisfaction of the Grand Lodge that it was, in the words of the Committee on Charters, "operating and undertaking Masonic activities in conformity with the dispositions of our Constitution, general regulations, edicts and ancient landmarks." The Committee also noted that the lodge had 20 members and its financial position was sound. On April 24, 1963, Apo Kahoy Lodge was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge and assigned number 166.

On July 20, 1963, Deputy Grand Master Charles Mosebrook, assisted by several Masonic dignitaries, opened a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge in Gingoog, Oriental Misamis and constituted Apo Kahoy Lodge No. 166. After the ceremonies, Grand Secretary Esteban Munarriz installed the officers of the lodge led by Narciso T. Reyes, Worshipful Master; Tito Catedral, Senior Warden; Arturo S. Lugod, Junior Warden; Reynaldo L. Fernandez, Treasurer, and Salvador L. Marcelo, Sr., Secretary.

Location: Gingoog City