Masonic Year

The Police General Jose Percival Adiong, the man elevated to the Grand Oriental Chair in Cagayan de Oro City on April 2, 1996 was born in Bais, Negros Oriental. He gradu­ated from the Negros Oriental High School, and wanted, at first, to become a civil engineer, but when he passed the examinations for the Philippine Military Academy, he transferred to that school and graduated as 2nd Lieutenant on March 26, 1962. Percival quickly rose through the ranks. In 1971 he was promoted to Major and at 30 years of age became the youngest Provincial Commander ever in postwar military history. At this time, too, he received the Military Service Medal and the Anti-Dissidence Campaign Ribbon. In 1974, he earned for himself the Senior Parachutist Badge. He also pursued Master’s degree in Business Management at the Asian Institute of Management. From 1975 to 1978 he served at General Headquarters of the AFP, but in May 1978 he returned to the PC/INP and became the Chief of Operations of Metrocom and was awarded the Long Service Medal. From October 1979 to January 1982 he was Chief of Staff of the CHPG. Incidentally he was promoted as Colonel in December 31, 1979, when he was only 38 years old, almost two years ahead of all his classmates in the PC/INP. In 1982, he obtained his Master’s degree in National Security Administration from the National Defense College at Fort Bonifacio. In the next nine years, Adiong served in various positions of responsibility. As HPG Director, he supervised operations that led to the death of Igmedio del Mundo (alias Boy Kano), then Bula­can’s most wanted person, and his three cohorts. Moreover, he organized and directed Intelligence efforts and personal­ly led the HPG operation that led to the capture of Romulo Kintanar of the CPP/NPA at the Makati Medical Center on August 5, 1991. As a consequence thereof, he was promoted as Police Chief Superintendent (PCS) on September 24, 1991. As NARCOM Director from August to September 1992, he supervised the operations that led to the con­fiscation of almost P200 Million worth of shabu, marijuana and other prohibited drugs. As RECOM 3 Director from September 1992 to April 1993, he led the PNP elements that joined forces with the PACC’s Task Force “Habagat” and the CIS in operations that resulted in the death of Alfredo “Joey” de Leon, then the country’s public enemy no. 1. As a result, he received the Distin­guished Service Star and the Bronze Cross Medal. On July 13, 1993 Adiong was made Police Director. He served as Chief of the Directorial Staff up to July 1994, when he was appointed Deputy Chief for Administration of the PNP. Not many Filipinos, know that General Percy, together with a significant number of his fellow Masons, provided tight security for Pope John Paul II, during the latter’s visit to the country. On August 9, 1994 Adiong was promoted as Police Deputy Director General and after his retirement was appointed number two man in the NAPOLCOM. Adiong has been a Mason for over three decades. He was initiated passed and raised in Bagumbayan Lodge No. 4 in 1967. He has been an active member of the Scottish Rite, Shrine, the Order of the Eastern Star, the Order of Amaranth, and the Royal Order of Scot­land. In 1979, he was elected Worshipful Master of his Mother Lodge. The following year, he was appointed Grand Marshal, and in 1981 District Deputy Grand Master. In the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge held in Davao City, April 1993, he was elected Junior Grand Warden. He became Senior Grand Warden in 1994, Deputy Grand Master in 1995 and Grand Master in 1996. His loving family, composed of Sis Gloria Carbajal, sons Jose Frederick, Napoleon Omar. Paul Jepthan, and Mark Oliver, and daughters Melanie Zorajaida and Marina Joy, share his illustrious life.