• Plans and Programs (MY 2019-2020)

    We identify five (5) main areas of concern: Relief to the Distressed, Lectures to the Lodges, Promoting The Craft, Masonic Communication, and Improvement of GLP services

  • About the Official Logo

    Every cause requires an icon or a symbol behind which its ranks can rally behind.  This year, our Grand Master, has adopted the swan as the symbol for his administration.

  • Institute of Masonic Education and Studies

    IMES Class Schedule for 2019-2020 is now available.

  • The Grand Master

    A fitting maxim that would describe the life of our Grand Master, who rose from a life of obscurity and adversity to live a challenging yet fulfilling life as a man and as a mason.

Grand lodge officers

MW Agapito S. Suan, Jr.
Grand Master
RW Rolen C. Paulino
Deputy Grand Master
RW Johnny T. Pimentel
Senior Grand Warden
RW Don Terng Ramas-Uypitching
Junior Grand Warden
MW Juanito G. Espino, Jr., PGM
Grand Treasurer
MW Danilo D. Angeles, PGM
Grand Secretary