Masonic Year

Excellence in police service marks the professional life of this 97th GM, Alan La Madrid Purisima.

With 35 years of devoted public service as a well-rounded police commander and executive, he now brings this same excellence to the Craft under the administrative banner theme of “Serbisyong Makatotohanan para sa Kapatiran at Mamamayan.”

Introducing reform measures while motivating the best out of his men are the trademarks of this Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Police Director-General Alan La Madrid Purisima.

Our Grand Master traced his humble roots in the town of San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur when he was born on November 21, 1959 from parents Technical Sergeant Rodolfo R. Purisima, a retired member of the Philippine Constabulary, and Mrs. Josefina La Madrid Purisima, a retired public school teacher.

His proud parents’ good upbringing and the frugal ways of rural Ilocano life had instilled early in him the values of perseverance, industry, dedication and love for simple but straight living. He helped his parents earn extra income by doing the chores of engaging in small poultry and hog raising, which he does before going to school in the morning. During harvest time for chickens, with the help of other siblings, he does chicken dressing and personally delivers those to Vigan public market for consignment.

Our Grandmaster is a product of the public school system. He finished his elementary education in San Ildefonso Central School in his hometown and his secondary education in Ilocos Sur National High School in Vigan Ilocos Sur. Initially after graduating in high school, he was set for an engineering career, enrolling in Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila.

When he passed the entrance examination at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a soldier like his father. He was appointed cadet of the Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Military Academy, Fort Del Pilar Baguio City in April 1, 1977. His life as a cadet was filled with challenges and hardships and even exposed to serious physical injuries which nearly cost him his life but this did not made then the young Cadet Alan L Purisima quit to pursue another career. These challenges made him more determined and strong. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree on March 15, 1981 and joined the Philippine Constabulary. His PMA class the PMA “Dimalupig” Class of 1981 is a distinguished class wherein it is the only class which refused to accept honorary members except those who have originally passed through the portals of the academy.

Early Years in the Military and Police Service

Truly a “Soldier’s Son,” he began his sterling military and police career as a 2nd Lieutenant of the Philippine Constabulary who was quickly sent to the field to fight the local insurgents. Initially 2Lt Alan L Purisima was assigned to 58th PC Battalion which was based in Sto, Domingo, Mexico Pampanga. He was further sent to 583rd PC Company in Tabon Mabalacat, Pampanga and made to supervise the Civilian Home Defense Forces in Porac Pampanga. This is where then young 2Lt Purisima honed his skills in small unit leadership.

He started to distinguish himself as an outstanding crime fighter when he became the Intelligence Officer of the Nueva Ecija Constabulary Command. As a young operative during those times, he distinguished himself neutralizing and arresting hold uppers, carnappers and gun for hire personalities. He led his men in destroying vast marijuana plantations in the province of Nueva Ecija particularly in the mountain boundaries with other provinces. Notable among his accomplishments in the province was the rescue of kidnap victim Ivan Lloyd Ty, 6 years of age, in San Antonio Nueva Ecija, who was kidnapped in Sta Mesa Manila while aboard their carjacked Mitsubishi Lancer car. The rescue operation also led to the arrest of kidnapper/carnapper leader Armando Yumang and his 11 cohorts who were subsequently turned over to the MISG and Manila Police Operatives. Ivan Lloyd Ty was reunited with his family while the family-owned Mitsubishi Lancer car was also returned.

During the EDSA revolt, Nueva Ecija Provincial Command was one of the first PC units to support the revolution. The then 1Lt Alan L Purisima was designated Team leader of a specially trained reaction force in case Metro Manila situation worsens. All routes going to Metro Manila via Nueva Ecija were blocked to prevent the passage of reinforcements for the loyalists group.

Right after the 1986 EDSA Revolt, the young MW Alan L Purisima was assigned in the Presidential Security Group (PSG) holding various capacities until 1989. It was his stint in PSG where special trainings were acquired such as training on Protective Operations Course by the US Secret Service and Hostage Rescue Team Training conducted by the British Army. He had been part of the Protection Team that secured the then President Corazon Aquino and her family locally and internationally. His role in PSG was to provide special operation readiness to thwart any aggression that may undermine the newly established government. He had been part of the defense forces against coup plotters which were prevalent during those times.

After his stint in Presidential Security Group, he was assigned with Special Action Force designated as Operations Officer. His exploits include operations against criminal elements and insurgents in the different parts of the country. During the bloody coup d’etat in December of 1989, as the operation officer, he was primarily responsible in the proper deployment of SAF elements that became instrumental in the victory of government forces. SAF neutralized the rebel soldiers who were occupying the Greenhills Shopping Center and fiercely engaged the remnants of hard core elements who refused to go back to their respective units. SAF elements who were re-deployed in Makati City also forced the rebel soldiers back to their respective barracks after being out-maneuvered. This is where the rebellion was finally crushed and normalcy in government restored.

After SAF duty, he was designated as Intelligence Officer of the Pangasinan PNP Command in 1991 and later, as Commanding Officer of the 151st PNP Mobile Force Company in Tayug, Pangasinan recording several accomplishments in anti-criminality operations.

MW Alan L Purisima finally saw command positions in urban Metro Manila. He led the District Police Intelligence Unit (DPIU) of Western Police District covering the city of Manila where the fight against criminal gangs and syndicates were intense. DPIU became the leading anti-criminality unit of WPD. He was then further designated to lead Task Force “Gagamba,” covering the whole of Metro Manila. He had significant accomplishments while leading TF Gagamba. He was able to neutralize and bust several criminal gangs particularly “Joel Arnan’s Group of the dreaded Kuratong Baleleng who were then in high-profile cases of bank robberies, money changer robbery hold-up and armored car robberies.

Having proven himself in the field of intelligence operations, he was designated as Chief of the Regional Intelligence and Investigation Division (RIID), NCRPO during which he introduced office reforms which earned the recognition of being the highest rating Regional Intelligence Division nationwide for eighteen (18) consecutive months.

He also served Metro Manila by being the Station Commander of Police Station 3 (Talipapa) and Police Station 7 (Cubao), Quezon City Police District (QCPD) where his exposure to investigation and detection, beat patrols, civil disturbance and other police duties were learned, experienced and practiced.

The years 2001 to 2004 saw MW Alan L Purisima deep into anti-kidnapping operations. His unit was renamed and reorganized from Presidential Anti- Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) to Special Task Group (STAG) then to National Anti Kidnapping Task Force (NAKTAF) and later Police anti Crime and Emergency Response (PACER). There was an urgent need to organize a special unit to confront the unabated kidnapping problem before.

All personnel from the former PAOCTF were replaced since most of them were already ineffective that time. The challenge then was to recruit and train police personnel to handle kidnapping cases. It was under his administration of PACER where standard operating procedures (SOPs) were established and followed. PACER was organized differently with other police units wherein the utilization of personnel is optimized and fields of specializations were enhanced. This is where the operative is trained and developed to focus on specific jobs and contribute to the overall solution of cases. Under his watch, PACER busted 173 hardened criminals involved in kidnapping, solved 117 out of 145 KFR cases and effected the rescue and safe release of 141 out of 201 KFR victims.

In July 2005, MW Alan L Purisima was designated Provincial Director (PD) of Pangasinan Provincial Police Office (PPO). Starting his career as mid-level manager, he introduced several management reform programs and “Best Practices.” He was the first PD to institutionalize “e-Communication” thru the internet that made the Police Stations reporting process faster and efficient. He also put in place the “Rotating Venue for Command Conferences” to unburden the Chiefs of Police of long travels from their areas of responsibility.

Assigned next to the Civil Security Group as Chief of Staff, he led the writing of the Canine Manual that currently serves as the guiding doctrine for security operations employing canine (K-9) dogs. He embarked on a study on the systems and processes of CSG during his stint in CSG but was cut short with his assignment as Executive Officer if the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM).

Earning Stars

In 2008, MW Alan L Purisima finally earned his first “star.” He was designated as Executive Officer of the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM). The star made him a Police Chief Superintendent. He was thereafter designated as Deputy Director, DIDM.

His stint with the DIDM was so productive, during which he was responsible in making improvements on investigation and detection, crime reporting, investigators training and scene of the crime operation including the introduction of the Unit Crime Periodic Report (UCPER) system and the revision of the PNP Criminal Investigation Manual.

On July 30, 2010, he was appointed Regional Director of Police Regional Office 3 (Central Luzon). Transformative and reform-minded leader he is, PCSUPT Purisima eagerly introduced various management programs to improve unit and personnel competencies. He also put premium on enhancing competence by conducting several Criminal Investigation and Detection and SCOUT trainings. His accomplishment in the training of investigators alone actually complemented the total PNP quota requirements. He initially introduced the simplification of things that a policeman should do on an everyday basis in order to accomplish the overall mission of the unit.

On May 2, 2011, he was appointed Regional Director of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) that earned for him his “second star” as Police Director.

While NCRPO chief, he instituted reform programs anchored on the “Three-Pronged Approach: Service to the People, Service to the Community, and Service to Fellow Police Officers.” He launched “My (IP) is the Key” project which centered on the policeman’s day to day activities and specific tasks that need to be accomplished and designed to bring out the best in his performance and work attitude.

This was complemented with the “Subukan N’yo Po Kami” SMS platform, a feedback mechanism which encouraged the communities to actively participate in crime prevention program. In this platform, reporters of incidents were given the chance to observe and give feedbacks on the actuations and time of arrival of the responding policemen resulting in speedy response and arrest of more criminal elements in Metro Manila.

PDIR Purisima’s leadership competence, management excellence and strings of accomplishments virtually came un-noticed that paved the way for his quick and steady rise in the PNP hierarchy.

On September 6, 2012, MW Alan L Purisima earned his “third star” as Chief Directorial Staff with the rank of Police Deputy Director General.

Finally, on December 18, 2012, he was appointed Chief of the 150,000 strong Philippine National Police by President Benigno C. Aquino III. Later, he was promoted to a 4-star rank of Police Director General.

As Chief of the PNP, he introduced Strategic Focus “CODE-P: 2013 and Beyond,” a program aimed at improving performance governance to attain the PNP goals of better public service and protection through “Serbisyong Makatotohanan.”

It strives to sharpen the Competence of every police officer, undertake Organizational development and reforms, instill Discipline within the ranks, promote Excellence in the performance of duties; and institute Professionalism at all levels of the organization (CODE-P).

Postgraduate & Professional Studies

Over the years, MW Alan L Purisima had taken various local and international studies, such as: Senior Crisis Management Seminar (USA); FBI Critical Incident Management Course (USA); Arson and Post Blast Investigation Courses (USA); Protective Operations Course and Defensive Marksmanship Course conducted (USA); and, Police Administration and Crime Investigation (Japan).

He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration degree from the Manuel L. Quezon University. He also successfully passed his Ph.D. Program in Peace and Security Administration at the Bicol University, Legaspi City in Albay.

A Multi-Awarded and Career-Driven Officer

For his selfless service and work efficiency, he was accorded with sixty-eight (68) medals, three (3) plaques of recognition, fifty (50) Certificates of Appreciation and forty (40) Letters of Commendations.

Most notable is the Distinguished Conduct Star, the second highest military award in the Philippines. Awards and medals include the following: Medalya ng Katangitanging Gawa, Medalya ng kabayanihan, Medalya Ng Kadakilaan, Medalya ng Kabayanihan, Medalya ng Kagalingan, Medalya Ng Kasanayan, Military Merit Medal with Bronze Spearhead Device, Medalya ng Papuri, Medalya Ng Mabuting Asal, Medalya ng Pagtulong sa Nasalanta at Medalya sa Paglaban sa Manliligalig.

He was twice recipient of the PMA Alumni Association Inc. Cavalier Award for Police Operations in 2005, and Cavalier Award for Command and Administration in 2012.

For his appointment as CPNP, he was cited with the Command Achievement Award by the PMAAAI. Also, he was conferred with the “Bayaning Likas Parangal Award” given by President Benigno S. Aquino III.

An Outstanding Mason

Aside from being a consummate police officer, he is also a true-blooded brother Mason.

He is a member of Gen. Mariano Llanera Memorial Lodge Nr. 168 (Gapan, Nueva Ecija) having been initiated on June 25, 1983, passed on September 03, 1983 and raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on September 22, 1983.

He is a Charter and Dual Member of San Leonardo Lodge No. 386 in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija; Charter Member of Isaac Puno, Sr Memorial Lodge No. 401, as well as Honorary Member of Zaragosa Lodge No. 263, Palayan City Lodge 331; AR Lamson Lodge No. 290; MS Garcia Memorial Lodge No. 306 and Kagitingan Lodge No. 286 in Makati City.

He served as the Worshipful Master of Gen. Mariano Llanera Memorial Lodge No. 168 in 2005. He also served as Grand Lodge Inspector of Zaragosa Lodge No. 263 in 2006, as District Grand Lecturer of Masonic District RIII-D in 2007, and as District Deputy Grand Master of the same District in 2010 during which he was nominated to the position of Junior Grand Warden and overwhelmingly won during the election at the Annual Communication 2011 held in Davao City.

His labors are not only evident in the confines of the Blue Lodge but also in Shrinedom and various Appendant Bodies of Freemasonry. He is a 33nd Degree of the Ancient Scottish Rite Freemasonry (Cabanatuan Bodies). He is also a York Rite Mason being a member of Manila York Rite Bodies. He served as the President of Saigon Shrine Club in 2012 and the incumbent Illustrious Potentate of the Mabuhay Shriners Philippines.

He was awarded as the Most Outstanding Worshipful Master, GLP jurisdiction M.Y. 2005 and Outstanding District Grand Lecturer, GLP Jurisdiction MY 2007. Likewise, Masonic District RIII-D (Nueva Ecija) was adjudged as the Most Outstanding Masonic District in the whole jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines during his incumbency as DDGM, MY 2010-2011.

He is married to the former Maria Ramona Lydia Isidoro and blessed with four loving sons namely: Eumer Von Andrei, Rainier Van Albert, Alan, Jr. and Jason Arvi. He is also a grandfather to Raylan D. Purisima

Truly, an officer and a gentleman, an outstanding brother mason and a devoted family man, MW Alan La Madrid Purisima’s good work ethics and leadership competence will definitely bring our institution to greater heights as he continues to dedicate himself in the service of the Brethren, the Fraternity and the Community through “Serbisyong Makatotohanan para sa Kapatiran at Mamamayan.